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Spiritual Connection - Transparent
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Aleksandra Waliszewska

All the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are sleepy in some respect, exhausted, fluid overloaded and breathing underwater. This is saturation, drenching in celestial liquid, the nourishment of god and the sea of collective soul seasons. And really they are romantic in the sense they need an anchor to steady their rocking dreamboat to sleep. The rising and falling of a chest beside them is a Water sign lullaby, and they turn their torrential emotions into ravishing artwork, poetry and melody. Water individuals have a leaky etheric body, and unconsciously soak up any frequency in circulation. They frequently withdraw into solitude and sleep for days in sheer exhaustion. The rush, flux, noise and suffering of the world creeps under their skin and floods their bodies with an inexplicable heaviness. -Cherry
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